Lynhaven Elementary School

Honoring our Employees Of The Year

Tonight, Thursday, May 23rd, our district will be honoring our Employees Of The Year. The event will take place at Castlemont Elementary in the Multi-purpose room at 6:00.  Lynhaven's Certificated, Classified, and Volunteer of the Year are listed below! We are so proud of them. Please join us in saying CONGRATULATIONS to them! 

Mrs. Rebecca Martin, Certificated of the Year

Mrs. Martin has been at Lynhaven for 5 years and a teacher for 34! Most of that time has been here in CUSD! She currently teaches the Social Cognitive Special Education class for grades TK-2nd. She has been the “go-to” person for all of us! She willingly shares her vast knowledge of student development with the staff and even continues to follow up with her students who have moved onto General Education, because "they are always her kids!" Congratulations Mrs. Martin! Thank you for all that you do!

Ms. Mirella Cardenas, (Ms. Mel), Classified of the Year

Ms. Mel has been at Lynhaven for 4 years and started out as a noon duty supervisor. She quickly built relationships and became a trusted figure that many students gravitated to.  Her desire to work with students, give them support, and demonstrate patience, was what steered her to the path of becoming an Instructional Aide. She started off in our TK classroom and is currently working alongside Mrs. Martin in our Social Cognitive Special Education class. Thank you for all you do Mel! 

Mrs. Jen Keltner, Volunteer of the Year 

Jennifer Keltner and her son Jahari, joined the Lynhaven Community in 2015.  Right away Jennifer got involved joining the PTA and coming to ELAC meetings. She also signed up to be an ABC Project Cornerstone reader in her son’s classroom. She soon filled the need for a new lead for the program and has been doing it or the last 4 years! Jen is also a guest teacher on our campus. She is willing to help out wherever and whenever she can. We appreciate you so much and will miss you both as you move onto middle school!  Thank you!