School Information


Lynhaven School, located on the border of Santa Clara and San Jose, was originally constructed in 1958. It has been modernized from the ground up over the years with up-to-date telecommunications infrastructure, energy efficient building features, and beautiful school garden for teaching science outdoors. 

Lyhaven staff and students are working hard to turn our school garden into a life learning lab with grants, donations from various people and agencies. Students now compost and plant on a regular... Learn More
A world of information is at your fingertips in the Library. The Library is where students can find support for their research needs and discover the joy of reading both fiction and non-fiction... Learn More
This room is a hub of activity for the school and the community. By day it is where students gather for lunch, activities, educational assemblies and more. After school hours, it is a-buzz with... Learn More
Campbell Union School District is committed to providing our students an education that is beyond the expected. We have transformed a traditional classroom into a STEAM space that integrates science... Learn More
Our school boasts an impressive number of technology labs and equipment. Teachers and students have access to over a dozen class-sized carts of technology, including iPads, Macbook Airs and... Learn More