Lynhaven Elementary School

Springtime Reminders for all

Spring has sprung on our campus and we hope you all enjoyed the week off and were able to spend time with family and friends and traveled somewhere or enjoyed a "stay-cation". As the weather gets warmer, we want to give you a few safety reminders:  

-We appreciate every effort you make in arriving to school on-time for drop off and for pick up. Students are aware that if they are waiting on pick-up, they are sitting on the grass so that the teachers on yard duty can supervise. It's very important that all students follow the expectations of our school and are not running and playing on the campus or in the hallways after dismissal. It is a safety issue. 

-Please refrain from allowing students to ride scooters or bicycles in the hallways at arrival or dismissal. Our Bike rodeo is coming up on May 21st at 2:30, and it's a wonderful event for students to bring their bikes/scooters/roller skates to school and ride through an obstacle course on the playground. 

-All students must wear shoes with a strap on the back. Flip flop sandals are not allowed at school. 

Thank you in advance for helping our students stay safe while on campus!