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Upcoming Events

Julia Robinson Community Math Circle: 6/15

The Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival is holding their next free, virtual Community Math Circle on June 15th

Community Math Circle

Saturday, June 15
11 a.m. PDT / 2 p.m. EDT

Join us Saturday for a virtual math circle! You'll have the opportunity to explore JRMF's engaging activity Prime Cubes.

We'll have breakout rooms of small groups of students so that, no matter your skill level or background, you will find a welcoming community to support your mathematical explorations.

A Year of Student Growth Complete; Looking Ahead to the Next

A Message from the Superintendent

a row of kindergarten students looking through binoculars

The end of another school year is a time to reflect on the learning, growth, and countless memorable moments our students have experienced this year. Your involvement, commitment and encouragement made those experiences possible, and I want to thank you.

It has been a joy to witness the progress our students have made and to see them develop both academically and personally. They have gained competency in critical thinking, self-direction, collaboration, innovation, and empathy. Their growth is truly impressive!

To help keep the fun of learning happening through the summer, I want to remind you that every student in our district has an online library account through the Santa Clara County Library District. It can be used to access books, music, videos and more.

Together—school, home, and community—we create an environment that fosters curiosity and a love for learning that can last a lifetime. 

I look forward to seeing what the future holds for each of our students, and wish you all a wonderful summer filled with rest, fun, and family time. 

Free Summer Meals for Kids

Available to all children of the community, age 18 and younger.

boy holding a slice of pizza in one hand and giving a Thumbs Up with the other.

Campbell Union School District is participating again in the federal and state funded Seamless Summer program. Children age 18 and younger, regardless of their school enrollment, can come have an afternoon meal at no charge.

Mon. through Fri., June 13 through August 6, 2024, from 1:00 p.m. until 1:45 p.m.
* Closed 6/19, 7/4, and 7/5

Rosemary Elementary School, 401 W. Hamilton Ave., Campbell, CA


  • Available to all children of the community, age 18 and younger.
  • No school district registration required.
  • One meal per visit per child.
  • Meals to be eaten on site.


Contact Child Nutrition Services


Food [at]

Students’ Online Safety is a Family Affair 

 Home Internet filters are your defense year round. District-owned student devices to be disabled this summer. 

young child in a dark room looking at a lighted smartphone screen that says

This summer, we encourage parents and caregivers to ramp up supervision of their children’s online interactions. When school is in session, our computer devices have multiple layers of online security. During summer break, or when students are not using a school-issued device, internet safety must rely on security features available in their home.

This summer: 

  • Students will be able to use their school accounts to log into Clever and other familiar applications used at school, but district filters will not be active. Online filtering will depend on what the family has at home.
  • The take-home Chromebooks, assigned to students in grades 6-8, will be disabled during the summer break. They will be re-enabled in time for the new school year, which begins August 21st.

Please note that Gaggle, one of our district’s online student safety management systems which reviews student-generated documents for words and phrases that trigger a concern for student safety, will not be active during the break.

We encourage parents and guardians to always be vigilant and actively supervise their children's online activities. Together, we can foster responsible digital behavior, maintain open communication, and ensure a safe and healthy online experience for children.

Resources for Parents

Surgeon General’s May 2023 Advisory on Social Media and Youth Mental Health highlights the potential harm social media can have on young people's mental health. The advisory suggests that parents and caregivers can take steps to protect their children, such as establishing tech-free zones, foster in-person relationships, teaching responsible online behavior, modeling good behavior, and reporting problematic content and activity.

Tips for Family Supervision and Parental Control

The nonprofit Common Sense Media offers a multitude of resources and information to help families navigate the benefits and pitfalls of screen time and social media use. Parents and caregivers may find the following articles helpful.

Lynx Bulletin May 31, 2024

Lynx Bulletin May 31, 2024 Dear Lynhaven Families,  We have had such a great year with you! Together we have created unforgettable memories with your students. From our Halloween Parade to our first 5th Grade Science Camp, Art ShowCase, Science Fair,…

Lynx Bulletin

May 31, 2024

Dear Lynhaven Families, 

We have had such a great year with you! Together we have created unforgettable memories with your students. From our Halloween Parade to our first 5th Grade Science Camp, Art ShowCase, Science Fair, Walk-A-Thon, Field Day, a visit from retired Astronaut Steve Smith, Aztec Dancers, Mutli-Cultural Week, PTA Book Fair, PTA Movie Night and so much more!!

No amount of growth has been too small and overall it has been such a pleasure to see all our Lynx’s grow and achieve goals both in and out of the classrooms. 

As parents, guardians, grandparents and everything in between please give yourselves a moment of appreciation to all of your dedication in supporting your child succeed!

From all of us at Lynhaven we wish you an amazing and safe summer! 

First day of the 2024-2025 school year will be August 21st.

Best wishes, 

Save the Date:


6/4 Kinder Ceremony (details below)

6/5 Early Release TK-3rd 1:10pm/ 4th-5th 1:15pm

6/5 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony (details below)

6/6 LAST DAY OF SCHOOL Early Release TK-3rd 1:10pm/ 4th-5th 1:15pm

August 2024
8/21 First Day of 2024-2025 School

Always stay up to date!

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Last Week of School Release Times

Reminder release times for the last week of school

6/3 & 6/4 2:10pm & 2:15pm 
6/5 & 6/6 1:10pm & 1:15pm

Lost & Found

Please check the lost and found. We are so sad to see so many clothes pile up and be forgotten. The lost and found racks are open during the weekends. Unclaimed clothes will be donated at the end of the year. 

Kinder Ceremony 

Kindergarten is celebrating their promotion in becoming 1st graders! They will begin in the classroom with certificates and then celebrate with all of the Kindergarten families with an ice cream party!

Please ensure you arrive early for parking. 

When: Tuesday, June 4

Where: In their classrooms & Blue Lunch Tables

Time: 12:20 pm 

5th Grade Promotion 

5th grade families, please plan to arrive early as the ceremony begins on time. Help us take care of our new space NO BALLOONS, NO AIR HORNS (everything echoes), and NO CONFETTI are permitted. 

Please allow your child to stay at school to celebrate with their peers.

When: Wednesday, June 5th

Time: Promptly at 8:30am
Where: In the MU (cafeteria)

Medication Pick Up

Medication may not be stored at school during the summer. We must dispose of all medication not picked up by the last week of school. Please make arrangements to pick up your child’s medication on or before June 6th,2024

Please note a new medical form is required EACH year.

Question connect with Health Clerk; Andrea Navas (408) 556-0368 ext 4851

Yearbooks 2023-2024

Thank you to all of you who purchased yearbooks online or in person!  We hope it's a reminder of great memories this year! 

No other in person sales will be held, but in case you missed it you can still buy one online using the link or QR code, they will ship directly to your house.  
*****Please be sure to purchase the 2023-24 year, you may need to click the past year link!

--Lynhaven PTA      


All absences can be reported via:

Attendance Phone: (this is a voicemail only line)(408) 341-7041 
Attendance Email: lynhaven_attendance [at]
Parent Square: Once notification goes out you may reply with a note.

**Failure to notify absences are automatically counted as unexcused.
**Absences can be reported within 20 days of occurrence.

**For information regarding the CUSD Attendance policy please click here.

**For information regarding COVID-19 Resources please click here.

We thank you for your partnership! At Lynhaven we

Act Responsibly, Behave Respectfully & Care for all!