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Upcoming Events

Lynhaven Art Showcase

We hope you can join us for the second annual Lynhaven Art Showcase on April 25th

Art Showcase

Our 2nd Annual Lynhaven Art Showcase is scheduled for Thursday, April 25th, from 2:30-3:30 in the MultiUse Room (Cafeteria). Our first graders will open the showcase with a special performance. 

The showcase will also be open from 5:00-6:30 for our families whose students attend Campbell Care. 

District Attendance Program Earns State Recognition

Attendance improvement program focuses on support, not punishment.

legs of students walking in a crosswa;l

The California Department of Education has selected Campbell Union School District (CUSD) for the 2024 Model SARB Recognition. This award celebrates the district's effective and compassionate strategy for improving student attendance, emphasizing support over punishment and focusing on comprehensive, community-based efforts to resolve attendance and truancy issues.

Under the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) program, this recognition places a spotlight on the district’s dedication to helping students maintain regular attendance and, ultimately, achieve graduation. It is a collective effort to pool community resources to help families in overcoming barriers to consistent school attendance. CUSD’s team includes more than administrators. Community Liaisons, school nurses, and counselors play an important role in addressing the complexities of absenteeism.

Studies demonstrate that students who are chronically absent—missing 10% or more of the school year for any reason—are at a greater risk of falling behind academically, dropping out of school, and facing severe long-term health, employment, and financial difficulties.

Positive Interventions Make a Difference

“While school attendance is a legal requirement, we strive to remove barriers to attendance through positive interventions rather than punitive measures,” said Pablo Viramontes, Director of Student Services at CUSD. “We work with families to identify the root causes and coordinate resources to address them. It not only improves the student’s attendance; it strengthens our partnership with families and caregivers.”

The district customizes interventions to meet the specific needs and challenges of each student. For some, it might be connecting them to medical care, while for others, it might involve referrals for counseling or other community services. Other cost-effective strategies that boost motivation and punctuality engage students in meaningful roles, such as office assistance and the Check-in Check-out system. These options strengthen student-adult relationships, communication between school and parents, and regular behavior and attendance monitoring. 

The District's supportive approach improves attendance and builds a caring community that addresses the complexities of absenteeism. These targeted strategies ensure that the support provided is both effective and meaningful.

“Exposure to grade level content from effective teachers is the most critical school-related factor in student success,” said Whitney Holton, Associate Superintendent of Teaching and Learning. “If students are not in class, they cannot benefit from these learning opportunities.”


Hello Lynhaven Families, I t’s that time of the month where we all come together and DINE OUT!  Craving Pizza? Is pasta on your mind? Or are you in the mood for a crisp Italian Salad? Tony and Alba’s has you covered! Head on over to Tony & Alba’s…

Hello Lynhaven Families,
It’s that time of the month where we all come together and DINE OUT! 
Craving Pizza? Is pasta on your mind? Or are you in the mood for a crisp Italian Salad?
Tony and Alba’s has you covered! Head on over to Tony & Alba’s anytime from Tuesday, April 16th through Thursday, April 18th for lunch or dinner and mention Lynhaven Elementary School for a portion of your meals proceeds to go right back to our students!! 
We look forward to dining out with you!

[Thursday, Apr 18 at 10:57 AM]

Tony and Alba’s has you covered! Head on over to Tony & Alba’s anytime from Tuesday, April 16th through Thursday, April 18th for lunch or dinner and mention Lynhaven Elementary School for a portion of your meals proceeds to go right back to our students!!

Students Cook Up a Winner for School Lunch Menus

Annual timed cooking competition teaches nutrition, safety, and stress management

4 middle school students (2 boys and 2 girls) standing together and smiling as one boy holds a winners trophy

The air in the CUSD Central Kitchen was filled with music, chatter and the smell of garlic warming in pans at the district’s 3rd annual Lunchroom Cook-Off competition. With a backdrop of industrial food preparation equipment, and dozens of audience members watching, the 10 student competitors had one hour to cook their favorite recipe and win a spot on the district’s school lunch menu.

The 6-8 grade students represented Expanded Learning programs at Monroe, Rolling HIlls, Sherman Oaks and Campbell School of Innovation. The timed cooking event is the culmination of an 8-week after school curriculum about nutrition, food safety, and the special requirements for school lunches. Sponsors included CalFresh, Santa Clara County Public Health, Sutter Health, 5-2-1-0, University of California Continuing Education (UCCE), and University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources. 

Judge Tony Leoffler, chef at Flights Restaurant, was impressed. “It’s great to see the kids learning about nutrition and food safety, especially with the health issues happening these days,” he said.

Joining Loeffler at the judges panel were CUSD Board President Danielle Cohen, Child Nutrition Manager Benny Calderon, Child Nutrition Assistant Manager Vachan Boja, and student judges Angela Park (CSI), Janina Carrera (Monroe), Salim Islam (Rolling Hills) and Madison Rock (Sherman Oaks).

The Sherman Oaks team won the trophy and placement on the school lunch menu with their Enchiladas Verdes (green enchiladas).  

Click to view a short video of the event.