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Upcoming Events

5210 Tasty Tasting

We had a lunchtime Tasty Tasting with 5210 on Wednesday Feb 1st

Tasty Tasting Table

Our students were excited to see the 5210 Youth Nutrition Program at Lynhaven during lunchtime on February 1st.  At this Tasty Tasting, students students sampled Cara Cara Oranges. After voting, studnets could check out educational handouts on the fruit or vegetable. 

Want to learn more about the 5210 programs? Check out their flyer or website. 5210 Programs are made possible through grant funding and partnerships with Palo Alto Medical Foundation and El Camino Hospital.

Schools Celebrate 100th Day of Learning

Reflecting on accomplishments and looking forward to more

man and 2 women standing near a banner

This week, students and staff at our schools commemorated the 100th day of school. It was a day to note how far they have come in their learning journey and to dedicate themselves to making great strides in the remaining 80 days.

office with balloons and signsRosemary School office made sure this was a day to celebrate.

3 teachers dressed as old ladies
How much is 100? Sherman Oaks teachers and students
dressed up as very senior citizens to show appreciation
for those who make it to 100 years of age.

Community Partnerships Help CUSD Students Thrive

Schools and partners dedicated to educating the whole child

Woman looks on as dentist looks into a child's mouth

“Educating students to their highest potential is a big job, and our partners in the community help to remove some of the obstacles for our students,” said District Superintendent Shelly Viramontez. 

Toothaches, earaches, food insecurity, vision problems, and other non-academic issues make it difficult for students to focus on lessons and tasks. Thanks to our many community partnerships and grants, our students have access to professionals who can address these barriers to learning.

For example, neighboring dentists conduct oral screenings for kindergarten and TK students to determine those who need follow up care. A grant from El Camino Hospital supports funds for two additional school nurse positions. Local counseling agencies supplement our counseling services for students. And the Healthier Kids Foundation is providing fifth graders with Wellness Check screeners to identify those students who may be struggling and in need of additional support.

These are just some examples of our partners working with us to benefit all of our students. To learn more about our multi-tiered system of support (MTSS), please visit our Supporting Learning web page.

How to View the School Accountability Report Cards

State-required reports are published each year by February 1st

front page of newsletter called School & Education

School Accountability Report Cards (SARCs) are state-mandated annual reports showing key data for each school in our district. The latest SARCs* include 2021-22 school year information about student achievement, demographics, class sizes, fiscal data and more.

The reports for our schools are available online at Printed copies are available in the school office.

* The Spanish translations of the 2021-22 SARCs will be available later in February. Additional data from the California Department of Education is expected this spring.

Understanding School Funding

Budget cycle begins in January for California’s school districts

apple atop some books and a laptop computer

This month, Governor Newsome released a proposed budget for California, kicking off months of analyzing, planning and discussion about school funding. In our district, we base our planning for 2023-24 on the proposed budget and have begun analyzing how it impacts our district.

In May, the Governor will release a revised budget, and then California legislators will finalize it from May through July.  

It’s a complex process. For some insight into how it works for California schools, please see our “District Funding Overview”.