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Upcoming Events

Starbird Park Tree Planting Event

Join the Parks Department on December 2, 2023

Community Bulletin


On behalf of San Jose Vice Mayor Kamei and the Parks Department, the District 1 Office would like to invite you, the faculty, and your students to the Community Tree Planting Event at Starbird Park on December 2nd from 8:45am to 12pm! Please share the attached flyer.
Starbird Park is the first stop on Vice Mayor Kamei's mission to give District 1 parks a little bit more love and care. And what better way to do that than inviting the community to help! 
Event Details:
  • Event Name: Starbird Park Tree Planting Event
  • Date/Time: December 2nd 2023, from 8:45am to 12pm
  • Location: Starbird Park, Starbird Cir & Boynton Ave San Jose, CA 95117
  • Tickets: FREE
Turn your compassion into action and help us keep our parks healthy!
  • No experience is necessary. All tools and instructions will be provided. Please wear closed toed shoes and dress for the weather. The event will be held—rain or shine!
  • Please download the Volunteer Service Agreement and bring the form with you to the event. Extra forms are available at the registration table on the day of the event!

  • To find the document click this link 
  • Note: All persons under 17 must have a parent's signature. Community service hours are given for middle and high school students!
  • We hope to see you all there! Feel free to email sarah.phu [at] or call (408)535-4914 with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Office of Vice Mayor Rosemary Kamei

City of San José
Council District 1 | West San José
(408) 535-4901 | district1 [at]

District Takes a Stand in Class Action Suit Against Meta

Combating social media risks and advocating for student wellbeing

unhappy adolescent girl looking at her phone as two others behind her look and laugh at her

Campbell Union School District has officially joined a class action lawsuit against Meta, alleging that their products are intentionally designed to be addictive, marketed towards children, and are negatively impacting student mental health, according to District Superintendent Shelly Viramontez. 

“Our teachers and administrators see the adverse effects of social media on children's mental health and learning capabilities every day,” said Dr. Viramontez. “We don’t anticipate any financial gain. We want to raise awareness and combat the harm caused by the seemingly deliberate manipulation of children and youth.”

Multiple studies underscore the risks and behaviors of children who use social media:

  • Nearly 40% of children 8-12 years old use social media. Those are peak years for brain development and risk-taking behavior.
  • Up to 95% of youth age 13-17 report using social media—More than ⅓ say “almost constantly” 
  • Children and adolescents on social media are commonly exposed to extreme, inappropriate, and harmful content.
  • Those spending 3-plus hours/day on social media face twice the risk of poor mental health, including depression and anxiety symptoms. (8th & 10th graders average 3.5 hours/day on it.)
  • Studies limiting use of social media resulted in mental health benefits for young adults.
  • Excessive use is linked to sleep problems, attention problems and feelings of exclusion.

“Our top priorities are ensuring student safety and educating them to their highest potential,” Dr. Viramontez said. “We do that on multiple fronts: We have multiple layers of filters, protocols, and systems to protect students on district-issued devices; we educate our students to be critical thinkers and responsible digital citizens, not passive consumers of media; our middle schools are certified Common Sense Media schools, and we collaborate with families to encourage digital wellness and responsible technology use.”  

Want to Learn More?


We Are Thankful

Together with our community, we remove barriers to learning and educate students to their highest potential.

acorns and the words: Happy Thanksgiving on a wooden board

We wish you a very happy Thanksgiving, and look forward to seeing you all when classes resume on November 27th.

Click to see a special thanks to our many community partners. 

LYNX BULLETIN November 17th, 2023

LYNX BULLETIN November 17th, 2023 Dear Lynhaven Families,  Save the Date: 11/20-11/24 Thanksgiving Break  (No School) 12/18-1/1/2024 Winter Break  (No School)  Always stay connected. Click the link to view & subscribe to the Lynhaven…


November 17th, 2023

Dear Lynhaven Families, 

Save the Date:

11/20-11/24 Thanksgiving Break (No School)
12/18-1/1/2024 Winter Break (No School) 

Always stay connected. Click the link to view & subscribe to the Lynhaven School calendar. 

Subscribe to Lynhaven Calendar

Report Cards

Report cards will be available via Parent PowerSchool by the end of day (around 4pm).  If you do not have a login and would like information on how to set up a Parent PowerSchool account please email Bianca at bibarra [at] (), please provide your students full name.

Picture Makeup Day
Make up picture day went great! Photos will be available via email in 2-3 weeks.

For questions please contact orders [at]

Morning Drop Off & After School Pick Up

Students are being dropped off much earlier than school start times. This is a reminder that there is no adult supervision prior to school starting. 

Parents and guardians are still responsible for students during this time.

We ask to please make accommodations for an adult to be with your child prior to school starting.

In addition, there has been an increase of students picked up later than 30 minutes after school. 

If you anticipate being more than 30 minutes late, a courtesy call to the school is required.

Unfortunately there is no after school supervision, so we ask families to please make accommodations to pick up their students at the end of school day. 

As a reminder school times is out at:

TK-3rd at 8:05am2:10 pm / 1:10 pm Wednesdays
4th-5th at 8:05am2:15 pm / 1:15 pm Wednesdays

Message from PTA

Lynhaven PTA will have a new “Staff Snacks” initiative beginning in December! Our staff members work so hard to ensure our students’ success and safety —this is an opportunity to show our care and appreciation. 

Each month will have a designated grade to drop off snacks on the FIRST FRIDAY of the month. It’s a one-time commitment! 

Lynhaven PTA Wishlist

December (12/1)  - TK & Kinder 

January (1/5)- 1st grade 

February (2/2) - 2nd grade 

March (3/1)  - 3rd grade 

April (4/5) - 4th grade 

May (5/3) - 5th grade 

*Reminder*5th Grade Science Camp Fundraiser

Snacks for Science Camp! 5th Grade Snack Shack!

When: Tuesdays (11/28, 12/5, 12/12) from 2:15-2:45

Where: Blue picnic tables

Why? The Lynhaven 5th graders are raising money so that all 5th graders can attend Science Camp!

There will be many different yummy snacks/drinks to buy from 1-3 dollars. Please stop by our 5th Grade Snack Shack one of these Tuesdays to get a snack and help us raise money for this amazing learning experience. 

Donations accepted as well. 
Checks can be made out to: Lynhaven Elementary School

*Reminder*Expanded Learning Programs

If you are interested in Session 2 of the Art & Nature Program, online registration ends Friday 1/5/2024.

Click → Campbell's Expanded Learning Programs Online Registration

For questions or inquiries please contact Expanded Learning Programs

Call (408) 364-4200 or email → cusdexpandedlearning [at] ()


If your student is showing any covid like symptoms we strongly recommend you test them with an at home antigen covid test. If you do not have any at home we have free test kits available to pick up from the front office.

Yard/Noon Duty Assistant

If you are interested in a part time position and consider yourself to be a good role model and mentor for students then you should  join our team! 

Yard/Noon Duty Assistant - LYNHAVEN

Volunteer Information

Throughout the school year there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved. Parents and guardians are encouraged to volunteer. However, safety and security is a top priority. Below you will find links to fill out volunteer applications.

Please note TB test dated no more than 4 years is a requirement.

Volunteer packet no livescan form (no fingerprint clearance required) are for all volunteers which will be under supervision by a staff member at all times, for example, small groups within the classroom under teacher supervision, reading in the classroom, any type or volunteering where they will be overseen by staff.

Volunteer packet with Livescan form (fingerprints required) is for volunteers who will be alone with students (overnight field trips, field trips where they will be alone with children and no staff overseeing them, support with small groups in an area which is not supervised by a staff member, yard duty etc.)

(For assistance with the application please contact Community Liaison; Noelia Smith ext. 4867 for an appointment.)


All absence can be reported via:

Attendance Phone: (this is a voicemail only line)(408) 341-7041 
Attendance Email: lynhaven_attendance [at]
Parent Square: Once notification goes out you may reply with a note.

**Failure to notify absences are automatically counted as unexcused.

**For information regarding the CUSD Attendance policy please click here.

**For information regarding COVID-19 Resources please click here.

We thank you for your partnership! As we tell all our students, remember to 
Act Responsibly, Behave Respectfully & Care for all!

Continuous Improvement Unveils Solutions for Campbell Care Enrollment

Employee hiring and retention solutions allows program to enroll hundreds more students

man and woman employees at an exhibitor table at a hiring event

For over 400 families eager for Campbell USD’s Campbell Care program placement, the wait is finally over. An innovative process, inspired by feedback and continuous improvement science, has addressed placements, outpacing initial expectations.

The start of the 2023-24 school year posed a challenge for the Campbell Care program: high demand for child care, new laws altering student sign-up priorities, and a scarcity of qualified staff across the industry.

Applying the principles of continuous improvement, the District’s Expanded Learning Department quickly identified hiring and retention strategies that led to a remarkable change. In just 10 weeks, the program accommodated 77% more students from the interest list. With around 1,000 students enrolled, the program is on track to surpass pre-pandemic levels.

Like many after school programs nationwide, the district's staff mostly comprises part-time employees balancing college attendance and work schedules.

"To attract and retain the best employees, the feedback and data told us that we needed to fast track the hiring process, provide information to candidates prior to interviews, along with cultivating a supportive workplace culture,” said Martha de Ojeda, Director of the Expanded Learning Department. “We created ways to offer part-time employees more hours, better pay, and we increased our investment in their training and support." Additionally, the program increased its employee retention rate and built a substitute pool of Campbell Care employees whose current schedule prevents them working a consistent schedule.

“Feedback from employees and families makes a difference,” said District Superintendent Shelly Viramontez.  “Our district is committed to continuous improvement and educating students to their highest potential. By leveraging the principles and tools of continuous improvement science, we strategically harness multiple data sources and feedback to innovate, solve problems, remove hassles and enhance systems for our students and staff.”