Lynhaven Elementary School

Got College?? College Day is coming!

The 8th annual College Day will be held on Friday, October 19th. It will be an amazing day of college focused fun and activity.

Show your school spirit and wear your favorite college logo gear
This is a day that we dedicate to providing our students with information about their future and how to achieve any goal they have. The band from Del Mar High School will be here to perform for the students again.

Wondering how to help your student get excited about college? It's never too early to start the conversation! Check out the attached 1-page handout that provides a list of questions that students can ask family members as a way to help guide thoughtful conversations about the educational journey and the students' college dreams.

PDF icontake-home-activity-english-2013.pdfPDF icontakehomeactivity-espanol-2013.pdf