Lynhaven Elementary School

Volunteers needed for 5210

Are you interested in helping students try new foods? Each month, our Program Specialist Lisa Chin, will be here on campus with samples of food for the students to try. She is looking for volunteers to help her.  Here are the dates for the tastings at Lynhaven:

Friday Oct 13- Asian Pears

Friday Dec 15- Persimmons

Friday Jan 12- Grapefruit

Friday Feb 16- Beets

Friday March 16-Snap Peas

Friday May 18- Blackberries

Each parent would only have to volunteer once, we just need someone committed to save the date. Lunch is 11:31am-12:50pm and the parent would need to prep the produce (wash, place into sample cups) about 30 minutes prior to the lunch period.

It would be helpful to have the parent volunteer shadow Lisa in October (or a later tasting date) to see how it’s done. The shadowing isn’t necessary, but helpful if they have any questions. Otherwise she can just talk about it in person or over the phone before the tasting. If you are interested, please contact Lisa! 

Lisa Chin

5210 Program

Health Education Program Specialist, 

ChinL2 [at]