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Would you like to be part of our math learning journey?

Dear Lynhaven Families, 

Earlier this year CUSD began a partnership with Dr. Jo Boaler--the Nomellini-Olivier Professor of Mathematics Education at the Stanford Graduate School of Education.Dr. Boaler is involved in promoting reform mathematics and equitable mathematics classrooms.

At our March 10th Professional Development, all teachers and site leaders in the district had the opportunity to hear Dr. Boaler speak. She shared how we can better support our students with math learning that builds excitement, confidence and math skills that will help our students find success now and in the future. 

Staff provided very positive feedback about the professional development session: 

The presentation enhanced my content knowledge in math: 91.4%
The presentation provided me with knowledge about mindset in the content area I teach: 92.8%
I gained new knowledge about the impact of struggle on student learning and brain development: 87.9%

You, too, can support this journey at home! Visit and find the Parent Resources. Attached is Dr. Boaler's parent/guardian resource guide in English and Spanish. And there's much much more to explore! Happy Learning!

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